Oferty pracy w projektach finansowanych przez NCN

Narodowe Centrum Nauki prezentuje bazę ogłoszeń o wolnych stanowiskach pracy przy projektach finansowanych przez Centrum. Narodowe Centrum Nauki nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za treść i wiarygodność przesyłanych ofert pracy.

Uprzejmie informujemy o nowych warunkach zatrudniania osób na stanowiska typu post-doc: limit czasu upływającego od uzyskania stopnia doktora dla aplikujących na te stanowiska kobiet może być przedłużony o 1,5 roku za każde urodzone bądź przysposobione dziecko.

Oferta pracy

Nazwa jednostki: Centre of New TechnologiesWarsaw, Inne oferty z tego miasta »
Nazwa stanowiska: PhD Student

The competition is open for persons who meet the conditions specified in the regulations on the allocation of resources for the implementation of tasks financed by the National Science Centre for Opus 19 grant.
To join the project, the successful candidate needs to have a PhD student status at Polish university either in a PhD program or in a Doctoral School (e.g., at University of Warsaw - the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences https://szkolydoktorskie.uw.edu.pl)
Required qualifications:
-MSc in biology or related fields or MD (or student of the last year of MSc/ MD studies),
-Good knowledge of English,
-Team work skills.
-Experience in laboratory work: gel electrophoresis, PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, DNA/RNA/Protein extraction and purification, DNA cloning, lentiviruses, western blot, cryo- and paraffin- sectioning, immunofluorescent and immunohistochemistry staining, microscopy: fluorescent and confocal laser scanning microscopy, mammalian cell culture,
Additional qualifications:
FACS sorting, laboratory animals - mice handling, work with breast cancer models
-Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint,

Opis zadań:

-to commit adequate time and effort to the project;
- to display initiative in identifying and resolving problems relating to the research;
- to manage their work efficiently and increase the visibility through the publications;

Typ konkursu NCN: OPUS – NZ
Termin składania ofert: 31 października 2021, 00:00
Forma składania ofert: email
Warunki zatrudnienia:

- work in active research team in an excellent scientific environment
- comprehensive training in molecular and cell biology and cancer
development and progression
-participation in scientific seminars and conferences
- a competitive stipend (4200 PLN gross /month)
-stipend agreement for the period of maximum 52 months

Dodatkowe informacje:

Director of Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw, with the approval from the Rector of the University of Warsaw, announces opening of the position of PhD Student in the group of researchers in the Laboratory of the Molecular Biology of Cancer – Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw.

Competition number: CeNT-2.1-2021

Project title: Transcriptional and functional characterization of invasive breast cancer cells isolated using novel in vivo reporter system.

Project leader: Dr hab. Agnieszka Kobielak, Associate Professor

For details about the competition, please visit the website of the University of Warsaw: https://www.uw.edu.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/job-offer_cent-2.1-2021_opus-19-a-kobielak_phd-student.pdf

Data dodania ogłoszenia: 2021-08-24 09:41:38

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