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Narodowe Centrum Nauki prezentuje bazę ogłoszeń o wolnych stanowiskach pracy przy projektach finansowanych przez Centrum. Narodowe Centrum Nauki nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za treść i wiarygodność przesyłanych ofert pracy.

Uprzejmie informujemy o nowych warunkach zatrudniania osób na stanowiska typu post-doc: limit czasu upływającego od uzyskania stopnia doktora dla aplikujących na te stanowiska kobiet może być przedłużony o 1,5 roku za każde urodzone bądź przysposobione dziecko.

Oferta pracy

Nazwa jednostki: The International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines Polish Academy of SciencesWarsaw, Inne oferty z tego miasta »
Nazwa stanowiska: Postdoctoral researcher (2 stanowiska)

- Doctoral degree in molecular biology, genetics or biochemistry;
- Strong publication record and experimental training;
- Ability to work both independently and as a part of a team;
- Ability to communicate fluently in English (written and spoken);
- Strong motivation to work and pursue scientific questions, creativity and analytical thinking;
- Research experience in another area of molecular biology will be advantageous

Opis zadań:

Description of your tasks:
- Performing experiments using biochemical, cell and molecular biology techniques (independently
and in collaboration with other team members)
- Designing experiments and analysing data
- Writing manuscripts
- Participation in supervision of MSc and PhD students
- Participation in preparation of grant applications
- Active participation in lab meetings, scientific seminars and conferences

Typ konkursu NCN: OPUS – NZ
Termin składania ofert: 30 listopada 2021, 00:00
Forma składania ofert: email
Warunki zatrudnienia:

Type of contract: full time, fixed time contract of employment, 36 months, 10k. pln total cost (ca.
5.950 net)/month

Dodatkowe informacje:

The International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines (IMol) Polish Academy of
Sciences, was constituted in December 2020, in partnership with University Medical Center
Göttingen, Germany and University of Warsaw, Poland.
IMol has been established to conduct scientific research and provide training in the fields of
biological, chemical, medical, biotechnological, bioinformatics, biophysical, pharmacological, and
similar sciences, in the international environment conducive to collaborative efforts, research and
development interactions with biotechnological industry, and wide dissemination of our results.
Currently IMol is seeking for highly motivated candidates for a position of:
POSTDOC (2 positions)
A few words about the research group:
Laboratory of Mitochondrial Biogenesis led by Prof. Agnieszka Chacińska is a research group with an
excellent publication record in molecular cell biology. We are interested in fundamental cellular
mechanisms in physiology as well as in pathology and ageing. Our research is focused on
mechanisms of protein import to mitochondria and on the cellular response to dysfunction of these
mechanisms. We use diverse model systems such as human cells, yeast, fish Danio rerio and worm
Caenorhabditis elegans.
We offer:
- Work in an active team in an excellent scientific environment
- Access to the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities
- Participation in courses and conferences
- Comprehensive training in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology techniques
Project leader: Prof. Agnieszka Chacińska, PhD
Project title: “Effects of proteasome inhibition on mitochondrial homeostasis.”
Project description: Great majority of proteins that build mitochondria are encoded in the nuclear
genome, synthesized by cytosolic ribosomes in precursor forms and actively transported to their
target location in mitochondria. Recent studies, with the major contribution of our group, showed that
the proteasome plays an important role in the quality control of proteins transported to mitochondria
and that proteasome inhibitors have therapeutic potential against some mitochondrial diseases. The
aim of this project is to explore the influence of proteasomal inhibition on fully functional and
defective mitochondria.

Please apply by sending required documents:
- Motivation letter;
- CV;
- A list of publications and conferences attended;
- Letter of support from an academic supervisor or contact details to a person who can provide
to recruitment@imol.institute with subject: "Postdoc position in OPUS 17 Prof. A Chacińska"
To allow us to process your data, please include the following statement in your application:
“I hereby consent to have my personal data processed by The International Institute of Molecular
Mechanisms and Machines Polish Academy of Sciences, with its registered office: Smetany 2, 00-783
Warszawa for the purpose of carrying out a recruitment process and I Agree for a transfer of provided
data to any entity responsible for the implementation of project OPUS 17 Prof. A Chacińska. I have
been informed of my rights and duties. I understand that provision of my personal data is voluntary.”
The International

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