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Oferta pracy

Nazwa jednostki: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of SciencesSopot, Inne oferty z tego miasta »
Nazwa stanowiska: PhD scholarship

1. MSc degree in geochemistry, chemistry or related disciplines.
2. Experience in laboratory work and chemical analyses
3. Very good written and spoken English.
4. High motivation for scientific work.
5. Experience in field research and research cruises, public presentation of research results and writing of scientific articles will be appreciated.

Opis zadań:

Denitrification and anammox are the major nitrogen-removal pathways in the water column and sediments in the Baltic Sea, yet denitrification rates are usually higher than anammox rates. Both processes depend on the oxygen availability. Recently, it has been postulated that the nitrogen-removal via sedimentary denitrification is not high enough to balance all nitrogen inputs. The situation might become worse if the extension of the anoxic bottom areas continues. It is unknown whether the pronounced increase of water column denitrification will be high enough to compensate for the reduction of nitrogen-removal via sediments. As denitrification depends on the substrate availability, water column denitrification will change seasonally due to variable supply of e.g. organic matter, iron, sulphur compounds, etc. Denitrification and anammox are mediated via bacteria. However, it is not well understood how the seasonal activity of the microbial communities affects denitrification and anammox. The general lack of comprehensive studies towards understanding the nitrogen-cycle has hindered our comprehension of the marine ecosystem functioning.

The main goal of the doctoral dissertation will be to investigate seasonal variability of the water column and sediment denitrification and anammox in the Baltic Sea.

Tasks description:
1. Conducting incubation experiments to characterize the seasonal nitrogen-removal (N-removal) processes rates in the water column and sediments of the Baltic Proper.
2. Determination of N-budget for the Baltic Proper.
3. Preparation and conducting fieldwork, participation in research cruises in the Baltic Sea.
4. Performing statistical analyzes and interpretation of the obtained data.
5. Preparing scientific articles.
6. Preparation of conference speeches and participation in national and international scientific conferences.

Typ konkursu NCN: SONATA BIS – ST
Termin składania ofert: 9 czerwca 2023, 23:59
Forma składania ofert: email
Warunki zatrudnienia:

Duration: 4 years ( 8 semesters)
Scholarship: 5 000 PLN per month throughout the 33 months, the sholarhip for the other months will be in an amount characterized by the law.
Application deadline: 9th June 2023
Interview: 12th -15th June 2023
The settlement of the competition: 20th June 2023

Additional questions can be sent to project PI: beat.sz@iopan.pl

According to this position Candidate must become a PhD student (at the International Environmental Doctoral School associated with the Centre for Polar Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice (IEDS). Title of PhD project: Investigation of seasonal variability of the water column and sediment denitrification and anammox in the Baltic Sea

Dodatkowe informacje:

Additional informations:

The proposed PhD work will be part of the IDEAL project (Investigation of seasonal variability of the water column and sediment denitrification and anammox in the Baltic Sea) funded by the Polish National Science Centre and conducted in the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Sopot, Poland. The selected candidate will have opportunity to work in international and interdisciplinary group.

Application should be submitted to dr Beata Szymczycha (beat.sz@iopan.pl), (copy to: rekrutacja@iopan.pl) with message title 'PhD – IDEAL

Required documents:
- CV
- Motivation letter,
- Copy of the Master’s diploma;
- Signed GDPR statement
Please include signed document with the following consent clause:

I hereby consent to have my personal data processed by the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Science pursuant to Article 6paragraph 1letter a of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),for the purpose of carrying out a recruitment process for the position of PhD scholarship I also declare that I have read the information on the processing of personal data provided by the Institute in accordance with Article 13 GDPR.
................................................. ................................................
(place and date) (signature of the declarant).


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