prof. dr hab. inż. Ewa Majchrzak

Ewa Majchrzak

prof. dr hab. inż. Ewa Majchrzak

  • Silesian University of Technology

She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Silesian University of Technology. Degrees obtained in the years: 1980 – master of science, 1987 – doctor (awarded), 1991 – habilitation (awarded), 1996 – professor of technical sciences. Ewa Majchrzak is currently director of the Institute of Mechanics and Computational Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. She is a member of the Committee of Mechanics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, president of the Biomechanics in this committee, and has repeatedly chaired or  been a member of the expert team of the section ST8 in the NCN (Poland).

Research interests concern numerical methods, sensitivity analysis, inverse problems and their application in the modeling of thermal processes occurring in living organisms, the heat transfer processes at micro- and nanoscale, the modeling of moving boundary problems. She is a specialist in the field of numerical modeling of boundary and boundary-initial problems (the boundary element method, the finite difference method, the  finite element method and also the control volume method).

In this field she has published more than 450 scientific papers, 5 monographs and academic textbooks and over 60 articles in journals from the ISI Master Journal List. She has presented the results of the research at several dozen international conferences devoted to the mechanics of computer modeling of physical processes. She was a principal investigator of 10 research projects (SCSR, MSHE, NSC, NCRD).  She was a promoter of 13 PhDs in the scope of technical sciences.

Ewa Majchrzak was awarded the Bronze (1994), Silver (1998) and Gold (2002) Cross of Merit, the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Poland Rebirth (2009) and the Medal of the National Education Commission (2006).