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This is a match-making section for JPIAMR 14th call - Disrupting drug Resistance Using Innovative Design (DRUID).

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As of 24 May 2022 the tool is open for the Widening Mechanism. Consortia which are invited to the second stage of the call and which consist of fewer than seven (7) members may increase their initial size by adding one new partner eligible for funding by an organisation from the list below.

If you are an eligible research team searching for a project to join, select Partner looking for project.

If you are a Coordinator, select Project looking for partner, publish the abstract of your project and describe the profile of a partner you are looking for.

Please note that if you wish to integrate a new partner, you must obtain the agreement of the funding organisation of the new partner and inform the Joint Call Secretariat at least ten (10) days before the submission deadline (by 25 June 2022 at the latest).

List of undersubscribed organisations eligible for widening:

Your Expression of Interest will be published on the Partner Search Tool website after verification by NCN officers.

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Latest partners

  1. Eötvös University from HU read more »
    Submitted: June 13th, 17:04
  2. University of Life Sciences in Lublin from PL read more »
    Submitted: June 13th, 17:04
  3. Institute for Nuclear Research from HU read more »
    Submitted: June 1st, 11:31

Latest projects

  1. University of Toronto from CA read more »
    project title: Identification of novel sulfonamides that can evade resistance
    Submitted: February 28th, 09:32
  2. University of Namibia from NA read more »
    project title: Disrupting Ampicilin resistance using PLGAand chitosan as carriers in a root canal infection
    Submitted: February 22nd, 17:17
  3. Newcastle University from UK read more »
    project title: Multilayered nanocoated systems to fight antimicrobial resistance
    Submitted: February 21st, 08:48
  4. National University of Science and Technology from ZW read more »
    project title: Disrupting antimicrobial resistance through using combined drug therapy.
    Submitted: February 16th, 12:10
  5. Armauer Hansen Research Institute from ET read more »
    project title: Integrated antimicrobial stewardship intervention trial and clinical
    Submitted: February 16th, 12:09
European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 963864


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