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Latest partners

  1. Edinburgh Napier University from UK read more »
    Submitted: June 9th, 17:09
  2. Ankara Uni.Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dept. Pharm.and Toxicology from TR read more »
    Submitted: June 6th, 11:57
  3. Ministry of Health Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Egitim Arastirma Hastanesi from TR read more »
    Submitted: June 6th, 11:57

Latest networks

  1. Imperial College London from UK read more »
    Network: One-Stop DIagnostics to Reduce Antibiotic Prescribing in COMmunity Patients with Symptoms of RTI (DIAPCOM)
    Submitted: May 31st, 07:32
  2. University of the West of England from UK read more »
    Network: AMR Urine Sensing Network
    Submitted: May 10th, 22:59
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