Introducing an Open Access Policy at the National Science Centre

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

In relation to the NCN Council's support of the NCN Director's measures to introduce an open access policy to research results obtained in research projects funded or co-funded from public sources (hereafter referred to as the "Open Access Policy"), we have the pleasure of announcing that the Open Access Policy was adopted by Order No 40/2020 of the Director of the National Science Centre of 31 May 2020.

The Open Access Policy was modelled on the postulates of Plan S and will also be adopted, in a similar form, by other members of cOAlition S. The document enters into force on the day of signing and shall apply to calls announced on 15 June this year and projects based on implementation  agreements signed after 1 January 2021.

The Open Access Policy provides information on the publication paths that meet the compliance criteria of Plan S, as well as cost eligibility, licensing and copyright protection, and a timetable of changes in the validity of certain provisions.

The last paragraph of the document introduces a new tool created by JISC, the Journal Checker Tool, which will soon allow researchers to make sure that publishing an article in a journal of their choice complies with the Open Access Policy under one of the three available publication paths. For the time being, the tool is not available, but is scheduled for release in November this year. Some other links listed in the Open Access Policy may also still be inactive due to updates related to the dynamic publishing situation. However, complete information should soon be provided.