EEA and Norway Grants - programme partners

Partners representing the donor countries in the Research Programme

The Research Council of Norway is a government agency responsible for the development and implementation of the national research strategy; its mission is to support the growth of Norwegian science, as well as promote research and innovation that contribute to economic growth and increase social capital. The Council also actively supports international research cooperation and serves as the national contact point for the Norwegian participants/beneficiaries of the Programme. It has also drawn up a database of Norwegian partners to facilitate the formation of partnerships.

Partner responsible for the applied-research part of the programme

The National Centre for Research and Development is an executive agency in charge of managing research and development programmes in disciplines of strategic importance to Poland, as well as funding or co-funding such programmes. Its projects find applications in the economy, culture, healthcare and public administration. The NCBR operates based on the Act on the National Centre for Research and Development of 30 April 2010 and is funded from the state budget. It also serves as the operator of programmes developed within the framework of EU structural funds (operational programmes for science and higher education).