JPI “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life”

JPI “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” (JPI HDHL) is an international joint programming initiative of research-funding organisations, established to address social challenges related to health and diet that Europe is facing.

The National Science Centre joined the initiative in 2014, and took part in the organisation of a call for proposals on Nutrition and Cognitive Function (NutriCog), open to international research teams who want to study the interrelations between diet and cognitive function.

Nutrition and Cognitive Function (closed)

Call announcement: 30th of March 2015

Call topics:

  1. Mechanistic / experimental research (in vitro, animal and/or human studies) focusing on how dietary factors interrelate with cognitive functions and processes.
  2. Translational research (animal and/or human studies) delivering the physiological basis for the development of effective strategies to influence dietary behaviour and/or to improve cognitive function and performance.
  3. Epidemiological research elucidating the relationship between diet and cognitive function across the life course, exclusively based on existing cohorts or other on-going epidemiological studies.
  4. Pilot and/or proof of principle studies for interventions in humans, to develop new strategies for the maintenance and promotion of cognitive function and/or healthy dietary habits during the lifespan.

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Polish project awarded within the call:

Selenium in early life to enhance neurodevelopment in unfavourable settings

Polish Principal Investigator: dr hab. Kinga Polańska,

Partners: dr Luisa Minghetti – project coordinator (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy), dr Thierry Durrand (CNRS – University of Montpellier, France), dr Sascha Sauer (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, University of Wuerzburg, Germany), dr Barbara Viviani (Università degli Studi di Milano, Itlay), dr Susan Fairweather-Tait (University of East Anglia, United Kingdom)

Intestinal Microbiomics (closed)

The National Science Centre and the JPI-HDHL consortium invite researchers to a call for international research projects: “Intestinal Microbiomics.” Topics of proposals should fall within one of the following areas:

  1. The short-term and long-term functional effects of diet, dietary patterns and dietary constituents on human intestinal microbiota.
  2. The functional impact of diet-related variations in the intestinal microbiota on human health and/or the development of non-communicable chronic diseases.

The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is 28th of April, 2015, 16:00 (CET).

The deadline for submitting full proposals is 1st of September, 2015, 16:00 (CET).

It is also required that Polish applicants provide basic administrative data via the OSF electronic submission system (type of proposal: UNISONO) no later than within 7 days since the abovementioned deadline for pre-proposals.


Within this call the NCN Council has allocated € 500,000 (max. € 250,000 per project)

Call documentation:

  1. JPI-HDHL Call 2015 Announcement
  2. JPI-HDHL Call 2015 NCN Eligibility Requirements

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